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Well, It's About Time! 

Andrew Chapman a.k.a. JoJo Debut Album

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Well, It's About Time!
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Track List (click each track for Youtube stream)


1. That's the Kind of Day That I Had Today 3:49
2. Face of Love 3:07
3. Harley Hotstuff 3:58
4. Still Got the Message 4:33
5. You've Got a Lover 4:09
6. The Fit & the Feel 2:30
7. She Don't Mess With My Buzz 4:12
8. Will You Recognize Me 4:40
9. Bag of Bones 2:29
10. Plane Ride From Paris 4:57
11. That Takes Some Balls 4:06
12. Talk to Me 3:10
13. Butterfly 3:18

Andrew Chapman: vocals
Terry Wilson: bass, keyboards, guitars, backing vocals

Teresa James: backing vocals, keyboards

Tony Braunagel: drums
John “Rabbit” Bundrick: keyboards

Billy Watts: guitars
Jeff Paris: keyboards
James Pennebaker: lap steel guitar

Willie Ornelas: drums on #6, #12
Jim Christie: drums on #7

Shake Russell: backing vocals

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